Anyone For Tea? (20G)
Get to chapter 2

Finally Together (20G)
Complete the game

Halfway There (15G)
Get to chapter 3

Meet Up (20G)
Completed a level

One Of Each (20G)
Collect one safka of each color

Smelly Jelly (15G)
Get to chapter 4

The Egg Hunters (10G)

Help find all 10 floating eggs with the fly while playing cooperatively

The Hunter (20G)
Complete all bonus levels

The Musician (20G)
Play the solo instrument to the music theme in the main menu

The Shuffler (10G)
Get a score of 500 points or more in the ilomilo shuffle minigame

The Student (20G)
Complete the tutorial

You’re In The Way (10G)
Defeat a Nabber in the same move as you complete a level

Achtung: Aufgrund der Tatsache, dass nicht alle Tipps von uns getestet werden können, bzw. diese sich von Version zu Version unterscheiden können, sind alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

18.01.2011 : Lisa Riess