Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (UC2): Bald erste Downloads

Der Lead Designer von Unreal Championship 2 Mike Capps (President von Epic Games) hat im offiziell UC2-Forum über die bald kommenden Updates zu Unreal Championship 2 gesprochen. Die Entwickler wollen mit zwei neuen Maps anfangen. Eine neue Capture-The-Flag Map und eine neue Death-Match Map, die in einigen Wochen erscheinen sollen. Des Weiteren sollen einige Charaktere, die jetzt als Bot im Spiel sind spielbar werden. Hier das original Statement:

"We are indeed hard at work on our first upgrade to the game. For starters, that means new content! We'll be posting two new maps, one CTF and one DM. We'll also be posting playable versions of a handful of bot characters in the game. I'll just say, "Nice dog" and leave it at that. ;-)

I'd guess this upgrade is a couple weeks out. We're still trying to track down some of the issues, and once everything's finished, we'll need to go through at least a week of Midway QA, and then spend some time with Microsoft QA as well."

15.05.2005 : Arne Schröder


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